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A leading relining company with 15 years of experience, Parramatta Plumbing can help. As one of Australia’s best-known experts in this field we offer professional service at affordable prices (many work on commission basis). To find out more about how our team could solve all those plumbing problems please call now.

In the world of plumbing, there is a new and emerging industry. Pipes are being relined to make them last longer than before.

We offer a trenchless plumbing technique for relining the drain’s internal walls without digging up any ground with 50 years of life expectancy. The pipe relining community is overgrowing, so choosing the right company offering the best pipe for plumbing solutions is necessary. Our technique used in restoring old drainage systems has been proven effective by many customers.

    How Much Does It Cost To Reline A Pipe?

    Pipe relining is an affordable and effective way to solve many plumbing problems. The costs for pipe lining vary depending on your household sewer or stormwater line size, but you can expect a price range between $450 -550 per meter (depending upon if it’s commercial). This includes new pipes as well. If there are junction points in sight, they will run about 800 each at first reinstatement, which may seem expensive compared to other parts that only require cleaning.

    Pipe Relining Calculator

    Use our handy price calculator to see how much you can expect if pipe relining is within your budget.

    Why Choose Us For Your Pipe Relining?

    We’re proud to say that our relining products and methods meet Parramatta standards, so you can be sure they’ll never leak harmful chemicals into your pipes. Watermark certified means we take extra care when installing them in the home or business; it’s safe for everyone who uses these facilities.

    The Parramatta Plumbing team are expert in pipe relining and wants to help you with your pesky pipes. Get a quote or book an appointment today.

    Sydney Pipe Relining Process

    • We investigate
    • We clear
    • We reline
    • We cut & cure
    • We clean

    How Does Pipe Relining Work?

    Pipe relining is an innovative way of repairing cracked or broken pipes without digging up your underground utility lines. Essentially, this means creating a new rigid tube inside the existing damaged one and promoting better flow by sealing off cracks which will stop leaks from happening in the future. The newly lined section fits perfectly against other parts, so there’s no risk of leakage anywhere near it providing you with peace of mind.

    Types Of Pipes That Can Be Relined For Parramatta Properties

    These are some of the types of pipes that Parramatta Plumbing can reline: 

    • Stormwater and sewer pipes
    • PVC pipes and Downpipes 
    • Pressure pipes, and
    • All other types of lines.

     We Specialize In The Following Parramatta Plumbing Services

    If you are looking for a 5-star plumbing service near me. Call us today.

    • General Plumbing
    • Emergency
    • Pipe Relining
    • Leaking Toilets
    • Tap Water
    • Hot Water
    • Roof Plumber
    • Strata Plumbing
    • Blocked Drain
    • Gas Plumbing

    Is Pipe Relining Worth It?

    There are two options for solving a plumbing problem; pipe relining or drainage excavation. We recommend starting with pipe relining first as this is less expensive and will minimize disruptions in your home.

    How Long Does Pipe Relining Last?

    Innovative pipe repair technologies have been developed to reduce environmental impacts and make pipes more durable.

    We offer a 35 years installation guarantee and a life expectancy of up to 50 years.

    Pipe Relining Vs. Replacement, Which One Is Right For You?

    The trenchless plumbing repair and pipe replacement will always be less invasive than traditional methods. You won’t need digging, excavating, or hiring crews with heavy equipment driving over your property to repair your damaged pipe.

    In a traditional Pipe replacement method, plumbers will dig up the ground, causing damage to the grass or landscaping because they will remove anything above the ground to locate and completely replace your pipe.

    Industries We Cover

    • Residential
    • Strata
    • Property Management
    • Building And Facilities
    • Commercial

    A Cost-Effective Pipe Repair Solution

    The traditional way of replacing and repairing pipes is a time-consuming process that comes with an expensive bill. With our relining service, you can have your lines relined within hours.

    What Are The Advantages Of Pipe Relining

    • No digging or excavating the ground
    • Minimal disruption to your property
    • Cost-effective solution
    • One hour plumbing
    • Affordable and effective
    • Improves durability of your existing plumbing
    • The pipe life expectancy of 50 years

    The Parramatta Plumbing Pipe Relining Guarantee

    From the day of installation, we offer 35 years work guarantee.

    What Is Involved With Pipe Relining

    • Locating the pipe
    • Patching the pipe
    • Rehabilitating the pipe
    • Inversion pipe relining
    • Junction pipe relining
    • Robotic cutters

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